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Exterior Painters

There is nothing like a high-quality, professional painting job to increase the curb appeal of your house. The exterior painters at Aqua Painting work with that end in mind.

New Jersey weather is tough on home exteriors. That’s why it’s so important, when you choose to paint, that your investment is handled by a team who knows how to ensure the best paint adhesion, endurance and color performance. Whether you’re looking to update your current color scheme for a new look or it’s just time for a fresh coat of the same perfect color – our exterior painters are ready to work with you.

Exterior house painting refreshes the look of your home and increases its curb appeal.

When to Paint

When to paint: Spring, summer, fall. Winter is too cold for exterior painting. We paint in temperatures above 40 degrees.

Homeowners should be aware that on average painting the full exterior of a house can take between one and two weeks; painting the exterior trim only should take three to four days. The time frame will depend on the size and condition of your house, so you will want to plan your outdoor activities accordingly before scheduling your exterior painting.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: The Exterior Painters’ Motto

Forunately, most of today’s modern acrylic and latex paints can be applied to all popular exterior surfaces−wood, siding, brick, stucco, and fiber cement, but the condition of your exterior surfaces will affect the results. Our residential exterior painters thoroughly prepare all surfaces prior to painting; we scrape, sand, fill holes and caulk gaps. It’s vital to get the clapboard and trim, etc., well-prepared for painting. Proper and thorough preparation ensures the exterior painting job will look great and last.

If there are any rotten wood or problem areas, the team at Aqua Painting will let you know so it can be taken care of correctly. We can replace wood and do minor repairs at a fair price.

When you hire Aqua Painting for your exterior paint projects, the result will be a home you can be proud of.

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Power Washing

At Aqua Painting, we begin every painting project by thoroughly preparing all surfaces to be painted so that we are starting with a clean, damage-free slate. For exterior painting, that may require power washing your home to remove built up dirt, grime, mold, and old chipped paint. When you combine professional power washing with a fresh coat of exterior paint, you will see amazing results.

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