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When it comes to painting the interior of your home, a room that deserves special attention is your bedroom. While you may have an underlying interior painting color scheme, your bedroom may call for a deviation from that scheme. But what do bedroom paint colors and sleep patterns have in common? A lot, it turns out. The paint you choose can, in fact, impact your ability to sleep restfully and wake on time.

Ideally, your bedroom should evoke tranquility and relaxation. Bedroom paint in subdued, neutral shades do a better job of creating a serene, peaceful atmosphere for getting the rest you need at the end of the day. If your bedroom does double-duty as, say, a home office, you can always liven up that designated space with brighter, bolder colors through artwork and desk accessories. But when choosing paint for the rest of your bedroom, think of the colors of those things that make you feel most relaxed and peaceful. Some suggestions include:

  • White – This may be a perfect bedroom paint choice because it comes in various shades ranging from cream to pure white – all having a clean, fresh, peaceful feel.
  • Beige – This classic neutral, especially in its warmer tones, does a great job of reflecting the light of your bedroom lamps and morning sun, giving your room a warm, cozy glow.
  • Gray – This is a very versatile neutral bedroom paint choice since it can be found with both cool and warm undertones. The right gray is reminiscent of rainy, foggy days when you want to do nothing more than stay at home in bed.
  • Blue – When choosing blue for your bedroom paint, consider its paler, softer shades. When paired with white accents, this color makes you think of the sky and calm waters. What could be more relaxing?
  • Sage Green – The perfect neutral for nature lovers, this color pairs well with white or honey-colored trim and reminds you of relaxing in a garden.
  • Pink – This color is not just for little girls. The right pink – not bubblegum, but barely-there shades – can have a sophisticated, restful quality.
  • Lavender – The scent of the lavender plant is often used to evoke restfulness, while the color itself is conducive to imagination and creativity.

And for those who want to think outside the box, consider black. While not exactly a subtle shade, black does represent the night sky – a perfect time for sleeping.

While interior painting brings with it decisions on color and other decorating details, the only limit to your options is your imagination.