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With many of us being forced to spend more time at home this year, chances are your kitchen –considered the heart of the home under normal circumstances – has seen more traffic in 2020 than any year previously. No longer just the center for meal prep and family dinners, kitchens have been turned into home offices and classrooms. If your kitchen can use a little sprucing up from all the wear and tear 2020 has put on it, a fresh coat of paint may be the solution.

Choosing Your Kitchen Paint Color

One of the most intimidating aspects of any painting job is choosing the right paint color. To narrow down your selection, consider the feel you want to bring to your room: pale shades are uplifting, neutrals are grounding and dark shades are dramatic. Whites, on the other hand, are fresh and airy. Depending on the shade, white can energize a room or have a calming effect.

If all you are doing with your kitchen is repainting the walls, white is a good choice because it goes with every color. You don’t have to worry about matching or complimenting cabinets, counters or backsplashes. All white kitchens are timeless, but if that is too sterile for your taste, you can easily add pops of color with accessories.

Finding the Right Shade of White Kitchen Paint

When trying to find the shade of white just right for your kitchen paint, consider the amount of natural light the room gets. Certain shades can take on a yellowish tinge in bright sunny rooms yet look bluish under cooler light. As always, test the paint on your walls with a sample before committing to the final color and shade. And be sure to view your samples in the morning, afternoon and evening to ensure you like the color under various light.

With all the time you’re spending at home lately, why not make yours as inviting as possible? A fresh coat of paint for your kitchen may be just the thing to lift your spirits!