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A popular trend in interior paint these days is dark colors . . . really dark colors like eggplant and even charcoal black. These deep shades add drama to a room and can certainly make a statement.

People often have misconceptions about dark paint, one of the biggest being that dark colors cover everything. In fact, the opposite is true – dark paint can accentuate flaws in your walls. If you decide to go for the drama, be sure to make the necessary preparation to get the effect you’re after.

When painting with dark colors, it is especially important to make sure your walls are thoroughly cleaned, all holes and blemishes are filled and sanded, and dust is removed. This provides a smooth surface and allows for better paint adherence. It is not uncommon for dark paint to require multiple coats for uniform coverage, even when you are painting over lighter colors.Before you decide to go over to the dark side, consider the pros and cons of these deeper paint shades. If done wrong, dark paint can give a small room a cave-like feel, but when done right, it can give the illusion of a much larger space.

Potential negatives of dark paint:
• Dark colors absorb heat so, if your room gets a lot of sun, it will heat up quickly.
• Direct sunlight will fade dark colors so your dramatic effect can lessen over time.
• Dark colors show up brush strokes, lap marks, and chips; be sure paint is applied in a smooth fashion.
• Dark colors can be difficult to touch up so they may not be the right choice for high traffic areas.

On the more positive side:
• Dark colors add dimension to a room and allow your furnishings and art work to stand out, and
• Dark paint hides fingerprints, scuff marks and even those cables and wires that clutter your home office.

If you want to make a bold statement or create a warm, cozy retreat, go ahead and give a dark paint color a try. You may be surprised at how much you like it!