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If you like to be on-trend with your home décor, you may know that each December a new color is chosen as “Color of the Year” for the upcoming year. Designers and homeowners, alike, sometimes refer to this for inspiration when deciding on an interior paint color. The color is selected by Pantone, a New Jersey company best known for identifying and matching colors for consistency particularly for the print and textile design industries. Pantone’s color for 2019 is Living Coral.

Pantone’s selection tends to reflect what people are buying and wearing. The company considers trends in fashion, art and even the beauty industry. Sometimes their color choices work well for accent touches in the home, while other times they can be used to paint an entire room. 2019’s choice is considered a versatile shade that can be used for either way.

Colors evoke emotion and feelings, that’s why some are more suited for active areas like living rooms and playrooms, while others work better in kitchens and dining rooms, and still others serve well in bedrooms.

Living Coral is described as a warm, peachy shade with golden undertones. It’s cheerful and down-to-earth, suggesting life, resilience and optimism. If those are characteristics you would like your home to convey, and you’re thinking of repainting, this shade might work for you. But if coral doesn’t suite your taste, a quick search of the internet will reveal other shades expected to trend in the upcoming year. Whatever interior paint color you do choose, a fresh coat of paint is sure to revitalize your home.