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Two-story foyer woodworking enhanced with complementary painting for a dramatic entrance way

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Interior Painters

Are you looking to paint a room or multiple rooms in your house? How exciting! The professional interior painters of Aqua Painting can help.

A fresh coat of a new color or even the same color is a surefire way to breathe new life into your current décor. It’s surprising how the passage of time can subtly alter paint’s color and finish. Dirt, dust, and sunlight all contribute to fade and diminish your interior surfaces. Aqua Painting’s team of interior painters has extensive experience in helping you achieve the look you want for your space, choosing the right kind of paint to ensure it looks great under all lighting conditions.

A beautiful and long-lasting interior painting job requires more than just painting – it’s largely in the preparation of the surfaces to be painted. Our experience makes certain that this vital step is performed thoroughly and efficiently; the result: a great-looking room ready to be enjoyed.

Typically, the timeframe for painting four to five rooms in a house would be five to seven days. That allows Aqua Painting sufficient time to properly prepare all interior surfaces, apply the required coats of paint, and clean up so you are left with a clean, fresh room that looks brand new.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation: Important When Painting Interior Areas of Your Home

Before beginning any job, our interior painters thoroughly prepare all surfaces of your home to be painted. We spackle and sand the walls to get them as smooth as possible. We also sand the trim to get a smooth surface and we fill in gaps prior to painting, using caulk or wood filler as required. Only with thorough and proper preparation will the walls and woodwork look great when the job is completed.

Attention to detail is key.

Choosing Your Interior Paint

Aqua Painting’s interior painters will guide you in choosing the right paint finish for the walls and woodwork in each room.

For Wall Paint

  • Eggshell: washable and durable; great for kids’ rooms, heavy traffic areas, kitchens, and bathrooms
  • Matte Finish: ‘washable flat’, but able to be touched up should the need arise

For Woodwork and Trim Paint

  • Semigloss: it’s durable; it has a nice finish so your doors and trim look like new

At Aqua Painting, we prefer to use the highest quality paints to ensure the interior paint in your home looks great when the job is complete. However, we will work will work with our customers’ requests to accommodate their personal preferences and budgetary constraints.

Two-story foyer woodworking enhanced with complementary painting creates a dramatic entrance way.

Coffered ceiling painted in monotone color utilizing various paint finishes for a special touch.

Dark paint and decorative moldings are paired with wood ornaments to give a sophisticated effect to this two-story foyer/stairwell.

Stairway featuring picture molding accents, painted to add pizzazz to your home.

Lighten a bedroom with chair rail and decorative wood inserts painted in bright colors.

Blend picture molding with your paint color selection for a classic entryway and stairway motif.

Select contrasting paint colors with picture molding to add an extra dimension to your walls.

Free House Painting Quotes

There are any number of reasons you may want to paint your interior:

  • moving into a new home
  • preparing your home for sale
  • moving out of an apartment
  • changing the function of a room−from a kid’s room to a craft room, from a never-used formal dining room to a home office
  • keeping up with current trends in color and painting techniques

Whatever your motivation, Aqua Painting will help you achieve the look and function you’re going for.

Contact us today to schedule your free interior house painting quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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